Trinity Management Company

Statement of Rental Policy

Community: San Clemente Apartment Homes


FAIR HOUSING: We are committed to compliance with fair housing laws and do not engage in unlawful discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status, disability or any other characteristic protected by law. We do reserve the right to have differences in policies at our different properties, and to treat some people differently than others, based on lawful criteria. Lawful reasons we may treat people differently include, but are not limited to: rental history, credit record, criminal history, income, illegal drug use, etc. Upon request, we will make reasonable accommodations to rules, policies, practices, or services, and allow reasonable physical modifications, when required to give persons with disabilities access to and use of our property. We may require execution of an addendum regarding the approval and implementation of accommodations or modifications and any restoration obligations. This is a good faith statement of our intent to abide by applicable fair housing laws. This statement is not intended to and does not expand, extend, or create any legal obligations, right, or remedy for us or for you beyond those independently imposed by applicable fair housing


APPLICATION SUBMITTAL AND RIGHT TO REVIEW LEASE: Before you apply or pay any fee(s) or security deposit(s), we recommend you review our lease form and any community policies that will be part of the lease. You may take as long as you like to do so. Set forth below are the general policies of Trinity Management Company that will be used in determining your eligibility for leasing. All applicants deemed an “adult” by the State of Arizona must complete an application.


MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY: 2 persons per bedroom plus 1


IDENTIFICATION: All adults applicants, aged 18 years or older, must produce an acceptable form of identification (official photo ID, drivers’ license, student ID card, a United States government or foreign government issued identification card). Applicant must provide Management with Applicant’s social security card or taxpayer identification number.


LEGAL RESIDENCY: Proof of lawful residency in the United States is required at the time an application is submitted to Management. At least one member of Applicant’s household, identified as either a signatory to the lease agreement or an authorized occupant, must provide proof to Management of their status as a lawful resident of the United States. Applicant or a member of Applicant’s household that has been identified as an authorized occupant of the premises, must provide Management with an original of all documentation intended by Applicant to verify lawful residency.


RENTAL HISTORY: Applicants must provide verification of current rental history or home ownership for a period of at least 2 years from an unbiased source. If your only rental history is from a biased source (i.e., family member or relative), a deposit of 1 ½ times the rental rate will be required.


INCOME: Current employment or other sources of income including, but not limited to social security, disability and retirement benefits are required. Self-employed applicants must provide two years of tax returns. Four (4) consecutive pay stubs may be required if there is no third-party verification of income provided.

Minimum income level: 2.0 times the rental rate. Student loans are not considered income.­

Maximum income level: If applicant has applied for the LIHTC program, their income may not exceed the maximum income limits set for their household size. If income does exceed the maximum income limit, the application will be denied and/or cancelled. Applicant may still apply for a market rate apartment if one is available.



Third party consumer credit reporting and screening agencies are used to verify applicants’ identity, credit, rental and criminal history

Applicants must meet a specific credit percentage to be considered for approval.

Security Deposit is equal to one month’s rent. However certain Credit History conditions that may require additional security deposits up to 1-1/2 month’s rent or denial of application:

  • Foreclosures alone will not be grounds for denial and may require an additional security deposit
  • Unlawful detainer/eviction within the past five (5) years will be denied.
  • Any amount showing owed to a landlord or property management company within the last 5 years will be denied.
  • Bankruptcies must be discharged. Bankruptcies discharged less than 6 months will require an additional security deposit.



Our screening criteria include a criminal background check for each occupant over the age of 18 years old.

Applicants convicted of a felony are grounds for denial.

Applicants convicted of up to 2 misdemeanors will be accepted. Traffic related misdemeanors will not be considered.

Criminal history for which Management will deny applications includes, but is not limited to convictions for: any crimes involving actual or potential physical harm to person(s) or property; sex or morals related crimes: crimes involving possession, manufacture, sale or delivery of any controlled substance, drug paraphernalia, or weapons: fraud or financial crimes (misdemeanor theft by check may be waived if all security deposit(s) and rent payments are paid by money order or cashier check).

Applicants convicted of a felony for first-degree murder, sex offences including but not limited to forcible rape, child molestation and aggravated sexual battery, arson and crimes involving explosives will be denied. Other felony convictions greater than 10 years old may be approved.

Misdemeanors greater than 5 years old, without any similar/more current convictions, may be approved. The community will give the applicant an opportunity to provide additional information as to why the information obtained should not disqualify them.



  1. Applicant may be denied due to inappropriate behavior anytime during the eligibility process.
  2. Documented negative or disruptive behavior on the property.
  3. Failure to provide adequate verification of income, or we are unable to adequately verify income and income sources.
  4. Providing or submitting false or untrue information on your application or misrepresenting any facts that would affect eligibility, any time during the application process.
  5. Failure to cooperate in any way with the verification process.
  6. Negative landlord references that indicate non-payment of rent or other lease violations within the last two (2) years.
  7. Failure to disclose housing history for the past two years.
  8. Inability to obtain a landlord verification.



PETS: Pets are accepted and require the completion of a “Pet Application” as part of the rental application. There is a limit of 2 pets per apartment. Restricted dog breeds that are not allowed include those commonly known as ”aggressive breeds” such as; Doberman Pinschers, Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Chows, Wolf hybrids, Perro de Presa Canarios, Akitas, Boxers, and any other breeds considered dangerous by Management.


LOW-INCOME HOUSING TAX CREDIT PROGRAM: You have applied to live in an apartment that is governed by the Housing Credit Program. This Program requires us to certify all your income, asset and eligibility information as part of determining your household’s eligibility. Program requirements state we must verify each income and asset source as well as other claims of eligibility. We must determine this prior to granting your eligibility and, if such eligibility is granted, each subsequent year you remain in the unit.


ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: I have read, understand, and accept the above as qualifying standards and rental policies of this community. I am aware that a credit history, eviction search and/or criminal background check will be done in conjunction with my application.